Saturday, 7 May 2011

Children's Books are Written for a Purpose

Author: Mike McMahon

Reading children's books to your kids is not just because you want to put them to sleep. Nor is it because you want to distract them from other things.

Children's books are created because they serve a special purpose. And that is to expose your child early on to what life is all about.

In their young age, they will not be able to get the essence behind fairy tales or adventures yet. But as they grow older, they will see the values behind each tale that children's books present. Once they see what those books are all about, they will be a little bit wiser about their perception of life and what they should do about it.

Exposing your kids to reading children's books does not mean that they should make it the center of their life. Most parents are not aware of the thin line that separates a bookworm and book addict. A book worm is one that loves reading books. While a book addict is one who does nothing but read books.

You as parents have a role to play to ensure that your child do not end up like the latter. Below are some tips on how kids should go about reading children's books.

1. There should be a reading balance.

There is nothing wrong if you see that your children love to read children's books. But it is a different case if you notice that your child is not even interacting with others anymore or is not interested in other things.

You should set a limit for them such as when to read and when to stop. Granted that the stories in children's books make it hard to let go, but your child also needs other forms of activities and other things to do.

2. Find time to read to your kids.

When your children were just toddlers, they loved hearing you read them stories from children's books. Your children anticipated the times that you read to them. But when they get older, you stopped reading to them because maybe you think that they are old enough to do that for themselves.

This should not be the case. Children are not too old to have their parents read to them. It is during these times that you are sharing a mutual bond with them. That is your constant tie with them.

Children know that you are busy most of the time and they let you be to do the things that you need to do. Reading to them is one of the only times that they have your full attention and your closeness. Do not break that connection by stopping your habit of reading children's books to them.

3. Let your children do the reading.

This is the opposite of what was just mentioned. In this case, you are the one that is listening. And your children are the readers. Make them feel all grown up by letting them read the children's books. Listen to them enliven the scenes from each story.

Listening to them is showing that you have the time to share these special moments with them. It can help in getting your closer to them now and keeping you close as they grow older.

Children's books are not there just because it is what everyone has or it is the latest out in the market. Children's book are really about bonding and closeness.

Take advantage of the opportunity that reading childrens books offers for developing and maintaining a close bond to your children

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